Missing Deposits Frustrate Wells Fargo Customers

• Customers at Wells Fargo are reporting missing deposits on social media
• The bank says the issue should be resolved soon, but customers are frustrated
• Wells Fargo had a similar issue in March that they attributed to a “technical issue”

Wells Fargo Customers Reporting Missing Deposits

Customers at one of America’s largest banks, Wells Fargo, are reporting missing deposits on social media. Reports began to spread across the platform X on Thursday as frustrated account holders tried to track down their money.

Wells Fargo Apologizes for Inconvenience

Wells Fargo has not detailed the reason for the missing deposits, but tells CBS News that it expects the issues to be fully resolved in the near term. They have apologized for any inconvenience caused by this issue.

March Incident

A similar incident happened back in March. At the time, Wells Fargo said a “technical issue” caused people to see missing deposits and incorrect balances in their accounts.

User Frustration

Users continue to report issues with their accounts and online banking access at time of publishing, leading to frustration among account holders. Some users have even expressed their intention to take all of their banking business away from Wells Fargo due to this issue.

Resolution Expected Soon

Despite customer frustration, Wells Fargo is confident that this issue will be resolved soon and apologizes again for any inconvenience caused by this incident.


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