Earn Up to 5.55% On Hotel Bookings With Travala’s SHIB Referral Program!

• Travala, a travel company, has launched a referral program that rewards Shiba Inu holders for their loyalty.
• The program offers up to 5.55% commission on hotel bookings and 4% on flight bookings for affiliates who use the link.
• This is part of Travala’s goal to increase usage of SHIB as a payment method on the platform.

Travala Launches Referral Program For SHIB Holders

Travala, a travel booking company, has taken its support of Shiba Inu one step further with the launch of a new program that will allow SHIB holders to earn commissions. On Wednesday, Travala announced that Shiba Inu holders can now earn on their platform through the new referral program which offers up to 5.55% commission on hotel bookings, 4% on flight bookings and 0.5% from new user registrations made using their affiliate link.

How Does The Program Work?

The referral program allows users to earn commissions when someone uses their affiliate link to make payments using SHIB via Travala’s platform. Affiliates will receive commissions based on the type of booking: 5% for hotels, 4% for flights and 0.5% for new user registrations made using their affiliate link. Additionally, affiliates can also receive bonus rewards when they refer more people through their links or if they reach certain milestones in terms of total referrals or total revenue generated from those referrals.

Why Is Travala Supporting Shiba Inu?

Travala was one of the first companies to announce support for Shiba Inu payments back in 2021 at the height of its bull market hype which gave it more real-world utility by allowing users to pay for travel bookings using SHIB on the platform. Since then adoption has been steadily increasing as companies look to take advantage of its massive fan base and offer more services with SHIB as a payment option such as this referral program which is aimed at increasing its usage even further while rewarding loyal supporters at the same time.

What Other Companies Are Supporting Shiba Inu?

In addition to Travala there are other companies looking into supporting SHIB including social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit who recently added support for tipping with SHIB tokens as well as decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and PancakeSwap who have both seen increasing volumes since adding support for trading SHIB tokens against various cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC pairs respectively . These moves are indicative that more businesses are beginning to recognize the potential behind this meme coin despite its price volatility in recent times and offering services tailored towards it is likely going only continue in future months or years ahead as demand increases among investors and traders alike looking for alternative options outside traditional markets just like Bitcoin offered before it became mainstream over 10 years ago now .


Shiba Inu token continues seeing increased adoption across different sectors particularly within Web 2 environments where companies are looking to capitalize off its popularity while providing rewards programs intended at incentivizing users into utilizing it more often than before . With these developments continuing into 2021 we could potentially see even more innovative ways being created by entrepreneurs all around world exploring how best utilize blockchain technology alongside crypto assets like these ones provided by projects such as Shiba Inu here today so stay tuned!


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