Crypto Analyst Predicts XRP & LTC Breakouts if BTC Breaks $26.8K

• Crypto analyst Michael van de Poppe believes that XRP and Litecoin (LTC) can have a breakout if Bitcoin (BTC) can break above the $26,800 price level.
• If BTC is able to remain at this level then Van de Poppe believes it will have a green summer ahead.
• Van de Poppe also believes that the total altcoin market capitalization of crypto is on the edge of an important point and that closing above the 200-Week MA and EMA could be a good sign for investors.

Crypto Analyst Predicts XRP & Litecoin Breakouts

A widely followed crypto analyst predicts that XRP and Litecoin (LTC) can rally if Bitcoin (BTC) breaks through its current key price level of $26,800. Michaël van de Poppe, who has 657,400 Twitter followers, says that if BTC rises above $26,800 then there is potential for breakouts in XRP and LTC.

Bitcoin Must Overcome Price Level To Rally

Van de Poppe notes that Bitcoin must break through $26,800 in order to continue its current upward trajectory. If it does so then BTC could reach levels around $27,500 or even higher at $28,000 which would likely result in breakouts in both XRP and LTC. At time of writing BTC is worth $26,551.

Green Summer Ahead For Bitcoin?

The crypto analyst believes that if BTC can hold its current levels then it could be looking at a green summer ahead as it would be closing above both the 200-Week MA and EMA on its weekly chart.

Altcoin Market Capitalization On The Edge Of An Important Point

Van de Poppe’s analysis also extends to altcoins as a whole with him stating that total altcoin market capitalization is also on the edge of an important point with closing above the 200-Week MA and EMA potentially being a good sign for investors going forward.

Disclaimer & Advice

Before making any high risk investments into cryptocurrencies or digital assets investors should do their due diligence first as transfers and trades are done at own risk with any loses being solely responsibility of investor themselves.


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